Everything for a successful start to a career.

Uneducated? Certainly not the Rhine Valley! Quality and innovation in training and further education have always been highly rated here. Aside from the local primary and secondary schools in every town and village, a high school and various private schools can also be found in the Rhine Valley. For those who want to attend colleges of higher education, the doors to major universities of applied sciences and the nearby University of St. Gallen stand open. But thanks to the International School Rheintal in Buchs, it is also possible to pursue an international education.

The following is an overview of our education system
Education and industry belong together: Rhine Valley industry actively supports training and further education – for example through the Hans Huber Foundation. With recognition awards and scholarships, this foundation reinforces the dual education system and thus promotes the training of globally sought-after specialists with federally accredited apprenticeship certificates. After 11 years of compulsory schooling, the path to a career is open to young people through an apprenticeship or further secondary education.

Switzerland’s dual education system is a model of success. In the Rhine Valley, it is a model that is lived by employers and schools in equal measure. The Rhine Valley industrial companies take a proactive approach and offer young people opportunities for a successful start to a career through a broad range of apprenticeships. 

Anyone who wants to go on to study has a variety of options available in the form of high school, technical college, commercial college or an apprenticeship with a vocational exam that qualifies them for university entrance. All institutions enjoy an outstanding reputation - and are easily accessible from anywhere in the region by public transport.

Those who want their children to enjoy an international education have the option of sending them to the  International School Rhine Valley (ISR). Thanks to its accreditation by international educational programmes such as the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Examinations, the ISR can provide its students with the opportunity to pursue their further education at another international teaching establishment. Whenever and wherever they wish to. 

So education is highly rated in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. You can find all the information, coordinates and contacts you need on all opportunities available in the region for education and training here