Happy families! – What’s on offer

Rhine Valley – Family Valley
The St. Gallen Rhine Valley offers a modern infrastructure for advice and support from the cradle to teenage.

Thanks to an excellent advisory service for mothers and fathers, parents in the Rhine Valley can count on expert assistance if problems occur in the early years. Some interesting information covering a wide range of questions on coping with babies and infants can be found here.

A good overview and the most important phone numbers in the Rhine Valley concerning family issues can be found here.

Child supervision
Whether for women or men, the Rhine Valley makes it easy to juggle job and family thanks to short distances and the range of child supervision on offer. In the Rhine Valley, a lot of importance is attached to ensuring the compatibility of family and job. Not only because young families increasingly count on it, but also because a strong economy depends on the optimum use of workforce potential.

Youth offers
Children grow up and become more independent. So it’s good to know that good offers are also available in the Rhine Valley for older children.

With various youth centres, a coordination office and other great offers, the Mittelrheintal youth network promotes youth skills in diverse ways. In this way, the youth network makes a sustainable contribution to the social development of youth in the central region of the Rhine Valley.

Integration, prevention, participation and a health development of children and adolescents are the objectives of Jugendarbeit in the Upper Rhine Valley. With its five pillars, it offers a youth centre, school social work, youth counselling, tips and projects / campaigns / cultural youth events (brief portrait of Jugendarbeit).