Rhine Valley – living the dream.

In the Rhine Valley, your dream home can become reality. The living environment and infrastructure are also just right, with wonderful living spaces and recreational areas complemented by outstanding infrastructure. And all this at moderate real estate prices. 

The Rhine Valley is one of the most beautiful and most popular regions to live in Switzerland. According to a survey by nextsuisse.ch, Widnau even makes it into the top ten best places to live in Switzerland.

The words “low vacancy rate” are almost completely unknown in the Rhine Valley. For this reason, you will also not find yourself on a waiting list with 80 other applicants for a lovely, affordable apartment. So if you are looking for a lovely home, you really do have a good choice in the Rhine Valley. In short, your dream home can become reality in the Rhine Valley. 

But also if you want to own the four walls of your home, the Rhine Valley is the right place to look. While the price of land and hence real estate prices have risen in the last few years, as they have all over Switzerland, both building land and also existing properties are affordable here – unlike in other regions.

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