Rhine Valley municipalities: personal and engaged.

Twelve municipalities make up the St.Gallen Rhine Valley. Each one is unique in its own way – and they all have one thing in common: A quality of life that is second to none.

Altstätten is a historical market town where history is palpable at every step and turn, but it is also home to some high-tech companies with international operations.

Au-Heerbrugg is the municipality with a future. This is reflected in the pleasant residential districts, a diverse range of care facilities (old people’s and nursing home and apartments for the elderly) and the wide range of education offered in the municipality.

Peaceful and centrally located residential districts with the infrastructure of a modern village – this is what Balgach has to offer. The municipality has the lowest tax rate in Canton St.Gallen.

Berneck is the largest wine-growing municipality in Canton St.Gallen and is known above all as a vine-grower’s village – Bernecker wines have an excellent reputation among connoisseurs. 

Diepoldsau is the village on the Rhine – an island surrounded by the New and Old Rhine. 

A pure unadulterated landscape can be found in Eichberg, which lies at the foot of the Hoher Hirschberg. 

Marbach is one of the smaller municipalities in the St.Gallen Rhine Valley. The village is characterized by pretty and friendly-looking detached and semi-detached houses in a rural setting. 15 percent of all the community’s power consumption is produced with the aid of photovoltaic systems. In this respect, Marbach leads the rest of Switzerland.¹   

Oberriet lies in the heart of the St.Gallen Rhine Valley, bordered by the foothills of the Alpstein massif and the Rhine. Here the traditional apotropaic custom of bell-ringing to ward off bad weather is still upheld: when storms are threatened, the verger rings the church bells.

Rebstein lies in one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. It is embedded in the sunny vine-covered slopes and extends as far as the sweet corn and fruit fields out to the reeds. 

At the foot of the Hoher Kasten lies Rüthi. The gateway to the village on the north side is the gorge known as the Deer’s Leap. This well-known natural landmark is captured in the municipality’s coat of arms.

St.Margrethen has a charming residential area between the slopes of Appenzellerland and the Alter Rhein (Old Rhine). While it exudes a rural charm, St.Margrethen has excellent infrastructure. 

The fight for existence – this has shaped the mentality of the people of Widnau. The openness, optimism and pioneering spirit of the people of Widnau are legendary!

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¹Source: Municipality of Marbach