Leisure activities.

Great importance is attached to leisure time in the Rhine Valley. It is all the better that you can find everything you could wish for on your doorstep. Whether sports, countryside or culture.

When it comes to leisure time, the Rhine Valley takes some beating. Hiking, jogging, inline skating, mountain biking or climbing – anything is possible. In the Rhine Valley you practically live outdoors, because the unique setting invites you to engage in sporting activities and fun in the beautiful countryside. 

The regional TV series "Sommertour 2017" shows beautiful hiking experiences in and around the Rhine Valley.

The Rhine Valley ends at Lake Constance – the absolute paradise for water sports. But water sports are also possible right on your doorstep in any of the rivers and countless open-air swimming pools in the region.

But for culture vultures, too, the Rhine Valley has a whole bunch of interesting activities on offer. There is probably nowhere else where regional customs and world culture can be found so close together. In the Rhine Valley, people are both conscious of tradition and modern at the same time: Traditional music and farce have their place here just as much as pop and rock concerts, classical song recitals or cabaret.

But there is also a lively theatre scene. On small local stages or in the prestigious St.Gallen Theater, which is just a stone’s throw away, or just over the border at the famous Bregenz Festival. And close by there are museums of the highest quality.

And last but not least, people in the Rhine Valley have a huge sense of community. Not least for this reason, the region boasts a very active club scene with more than 800 clubs and societies!