Rhesi generation project – flood protection on the Rhine

Rhesi stands for more flood protection and land for leisure and recreational use. It is a cross-border flood protection project with 15 neighbouring municipalities and the involvement of well over 200 actors.

The Alpine Rhine is a vital river and the Rhine Valley an important habitat. Numerous institutions and people are engaged in the sustainable development of the Rhine Valley as a place to live and economic region with a future. The protection of this region from flooding is essential. The Rhine between Rüthi and Lake Constance is therefore to be widened and the watercourse changed.

Important milestone
After several years developing a solution and ongoing votes with all parties involved, the general part of the flood protection project was completed at the end of 2018.

With this general part, the essential organization of the project is now available and is subject to an initial preliminary review by the authorities. This is an important milestone for the elaboration of the more detailed plans for approval. These plans are due to be submitted for approval in 2021. Aside from negotiations for the next cantonal contract and the detailed elaboration of the plans for approval with the involvement of the municipalities and various actors concerned, a large physical model test is being prepared in Dornbirn. Small-scale sections of the river course will be reproduced over a length of around 100 m. Construction work in the Rhesi project cannot start until the project has been approved and any appeals have been settled, which will be 2024 at the earliest. The construction work will last about 20 years.

Detailed information on the Rhesi project and the latest visualizations can be found at www.rhesi.org.