From Rhine Valley directly to Alpstein.

High above the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, atop the easternmost ridge of the Alpstein, stands the mountain guest-house Staubern. The path from the village of Frümsen in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley takes you to the Staubern guest-house 1250 metres above sea level on the popular mountain trail from Hoher Kasten. There you can enjoy fine cuisine with fresh seasonal products and the magnificent view of the Rhine Valley and the Alpstein.

The "new one"
The new Staubern cable car is the first cable car in the world that is energy self-sufficient, making it both energy neutral and environmentally neutral. It also has the greatest elevation gain in a single section. The new construction is a family-financed project. As a further contribution to the responsible use of raw materials and the environment, station charging points for e-mobility are also being installed at the valley station.

The cable car’s capacity is doubled
The two cable cars will have lighting and a telephone added and will travel up the mountain twice as fast as before, at seven metres per second. They will also have a higher load-carrying capacity of up to two and a half tonnes. And because they will feature eight comfortable seats in future instead of six, the transport capacity will be more than doubled to 72 passengers per hour. On the downward journey, the cable car will feed the released energy back into the Tesla battery, thus completing the energy cycle.

As if this this were not enough, there is also space in the carrier cable for a fibre optic cable. This will allow fully automatic handling of the passenger compartments and complete surveillance during the journey. But the modern fittings of the new cable cars will probably be more conspicuous still for passengers, coming as they do from the future laboratory of the Porsche Design Studio.
Suggestion for hiking to Staubern

Seilbahn Frümsen-Staubern
9467 Frümsen
Tel. +41 81 757 24 24