Good job. Good life.

In the Rhine Valley you can enjoy an unparalleled quality of life. The region offers everything you could wish for in the way of a fulfilling and well-balanced lifestyle. There are great jobs in the immediate vicinity. There is a diverse range of housing available in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley – whether in a modern estate or in a stylish farmhouse. And work-free time after close of business really does mean free time. Outdoor sports are also an option for the lunch break. And as for housing, attractive homes in the Rhine Valley are not only available, but also affordable.


Happy Family!

Whether for women or men, the Rhine Valley makes it easy to reconcile job and family thanks to short distances and the many child supervision facilities on offer. 

Short distances, a well-developed road network and extensive public transport are all a part of the Rhine Valley. Many people who live and work here spend the lunch break at home to enjoy lunch with the family. This provides relaxation and generates renewed energy for the afternoon’s work. And also makes the whole family happy.

The Rhine Valley is in tune with the times when it comes to child supervision facilities. Crèche facilities and day-care centres are offered and run both by private individuals and the state. So parents who share the role of breadwinner are in the right place in the Rhine Valley.