Good job. Good life.

In the Rhine Valley you can enjoy an unparalleled quality of life. The region offers everything you could wish for in the way of a fulfilling and well-balanced lifestyle. There are great jobs in the immediate vicinity. There is a diverse range of housing available in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley – whether in a modern estate or in a stylish farmhouse. And work-free time after close of business really does mean free time. Outdoor sports are also an option for the lunch break. And as for housing, attractive homes in the Rhine Valley are not only available, but also affordable.

Bathing & swimming

For certified swimmers.

Water lovers welcome: Anyone who loves swimming, diving or messing about in any other way in, on or under the water will find opportunities galore in the Rhine Valley. 

For all those who love and appreciate water, the Rhine Valley has countless sunny open-air swimming pools, gravel pit lakes and modern indoor swimming pools. So there is nothing to stop you if you enjoy getting wet. The loveliest places to bathe can be found here:

Kriessern gravel pit lake
The gravel pit lake in Kriessern is considered a regional jewel for bathers who like to feel close to nature. Originally used as a gravel pit, today it serves young and old alike as a place to enjoy the pleasures of bathing and the wide expanse of the lake that offers plenty of space for extended swimming sessions.

Oberriet open-air swimming pool
The lovely facilities with a 25m swimming pool, a diving platform with separate plunge pool, non-swimmers pool, paddling pool and an approximately 80m long high-wall slide offer aquatic fun and enjoyment for the whole family. Diverse activities such as night swimming and brunch are also regularly on offer.

Widnau open-air swimming pool
We invite all lovers of open-air pools to make lively use of our facilities. Non-bathers who only want to visit the restaurant are also warmly welcome; these visitors of course do not pay admission!

Balgach indoor swimming pool
The family-friendly indoor swimming pool with a 60m slide offers a wide range of activities for everyone: swimming courses, AquaFit exercises or simply swimming.

Diepoldsau beach
The beach with its pools for non-swimmers and swimmers, diving boards (1, 3 and 5 metres), slides and other attractions, such as a pirates’ island and beach volleyball, is an inviting destination for bathers from April to September. The groundwater flow provides for clean water of drinking water quality without the addition of chemicals.

Weier Berneck open-air swimming pool
Genuine summer enjoyment for young and old is offered by the idyllically situated Weier swimming pool at the foot of the Rosenberg.

Sonnensee Kriessern gravel pit lake
The Sonnensee lake was created when gravel was excavated from the area where the lake now lies. The groundwater and the surrounding area, which consists of peat, combined to form a lake. The lake measures 100 by 75 m and offers with its various attractions ideal conditions for fun and games such as a raft and a water trampoline.

Bruggerhorn lido St. Margrethen
Lido and camping ground