Good job. Good life.

In the Rhine Valley you can enjoy an unparalleled quality of life. The region offers everything you could wish for in the way of a fulfilling and well-balanced lifestyle. There are great jobs in the immediate vicinity. There is a diverse range of housing available in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley – whether in a modern estate or in a stylish farmhouse. And work-free time after close of business really does mean free time. Outdoor sports are also an option for the lunch break. And as for housing, attractive homes in the Rhine Valley are not only available, but also affordable.


Newcomer testimonials.

Three ambassadors for the St. Gallen Rhine Valley
Why cast actors when the people who live here can speak best for the Rhine Valley? An event manager, an architect and a designer are our stars of the campaign “Good job. Good life”. In our short video clips, these authentic ambassadors show why the Rhine Valley is the ideal place for the highly qualified to live and work.

The Rhine Valley is international
Strictly speaking, Petra Strasser is not a newcomer, but a returnee. She grew up in the Rhine Valley, and now - after several years in Singapore and the UK - she has returned to her roots. An event manager with Bezema AG, she explains in our video clip what prompted her to return. 


The place to go for a good job
In the Rhine Valley, work and private life are never far apart. This is also appreciated by architect Reto Brunner, who works for RLC in project development, where he is engaged in the largest structural engi-neering project in Switzerland. He explains in our video clip the effect of this work-life balance on his day-to-life.


Living and working against a picturesque backdrop
Designer Christina Velardo moved with her family from a buzzing metropole to the Rhine Valley. Here she can provide her daughter with a childhood close to nature. In our video clip she explains how she remains in contact with her international customers.