Good job. Good life.

The St. Gallen Rhine Valley is both a highly productive business region and an extremely attractive place to live as well. Numerous global companies and their employees benefit from the ideal combination of employment, living and leisure opportunities in the Rhine Valley. You are never far from where you want to be here – whether at work, in pursuit of leisure activities, or in the hearts of the people who live in the region. You quickly feel at home in the Rhine Valley.

Child supervision

Family and job.

Reconciling family and job is made all the easier for mothers and fathers in the Rhine Valley by a strong network of child supervision options.

In the Rhine Valley particular importance is attached to reconciling family and job. Firstly because young families increasingly count on it. And secondly because the strength of the economy depends on making the most of the workforce potential. In keeping with this credo, you will find a great many child supervision facilities on offer in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley – whether for pre-school children or supplementary childcare after teaching hours.

The following institutions offer childcare solutions for almost any career and family situation:

Kinder- und Schülerhort Bild 
Kita Wunderland
Villa Sternschnuppe
Tagesfamilien oberes Rheintal
Tagesfamilien mittleres Rheintal