Good job. Good life.

The St. Gallen Rhine Valley is both a highly productive business region and an extremely attractive place to live as well. Numerous global companies and their employees benefit from the ideal combination of employment, living and leisure opportunities in the Rhine Valley. You are never far from where you want to be here – whether at work, in pursuit of leisure activities, or in the hearts of the people who live in the region. You quickly feel at home in the Rhine Valley.

In-line skating & cycling

Rolling through the Rhine Valley.

The Rhine Valley is ideally situated for all those who enjoy in-line skating. An excellent network of routes provides for the required dose of in-line fun.

The most used skating route in Switzerland runs mostly through the middle of the Rhine Valley mitten along the Rhine. There is a reason for this: apart from the spectacular views it offers, the route is almost flat and is separated from motorized traffic. This is especially enjoyable for families, but also for all other skaters it is close to paradise. So there is nothing to stop you if you are looking for safe in-line skating with a high fun factor. Suggestions for safe skating fun can be found here:

Marathon Skate
Skate on SwitzerlandMobility Route No. 41, the Marathon Skate.

Rhine Skate
Skate on SwitzerlandMobility Route No. 1, the Rhine Skate.

Skating park
The municipalities of Au, Balgach, St. Margrethen, Widnau, Diepoldsau and Oberriet provide a modern skating park at the sports facilities in Balgach.

From Sargans to St. Margrethen
The Rhine dam is the longest all-sports leisure area. From Sargans to St. Margrethen you can skate or cycle 40 km along the well-surfaced path on the Rhine dam without worrying about road traffic or having to stop at crossings.