Defining our living space.

The people at Bauwerk have a passion for wood and precise wood working that constitute their purpose in life. Wood has shaped the history of the company from its earliest days: Bauwerk produced wooden coachwork for the German automotive industry and thus helped to write a piece of automobile history. In 1935, the patent for mosaic parquet was developed at Bauwerk. 

As one of Europe’s leading parquet producers, the company offers its customers a complete and innovative product range for a conscious design of personal living space with the focus on healthy living. Whether in a family house in Balgach, in the Löwen Hotel in Schruns, in the Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Frankfurt, in the Stiefelkönig shoe shop in Vienna or even on the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas: Bauwerk parquet is the stage for a wide variety of living, business and working environments – worldwide.