Successfully applied.

Applied research and development are an integral part of the Rhine Valley’s success. It is at the interface between university and industry that tomorrow’s export hits are created.

There are good reasons why close and successful ties exist between the successful Rhine Valley export industry and the surrounding universities - because applied research and development are systematically pursued here in a spirit of partnership, thus helping to advance the success story of the Rhine Valley. 

The Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik Buchs (NTB), the University of Applied Sciences Chur (HTW), the universities in St. Gallen and VaduzEMPA in St. Gallen and also the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn form an impressive research landscape. 

The NTB has developed into a real pivotal element in the field of applied research. In Buchs, for example, they are pursuing research in the fields of metrology, microtechnology and optics together with Rhine Valley companies. It is also here that the research and innovation centre RhySearch was established two years ago with the aim of promoting specific networking between industry and research.

Canton St. Gallen exports goods worth around 10 billion francs. The St. Gallen Rhine Valley accounts for 40 percent of this. And a third of these exports in turn go to the USA. 

So American companies and consumers are among the best customers of the Rhine Valley. And by the way, almost 60 percent of the goods produced in the Rhine Valley for export are delivered to our European neighbours, while 12 percent finds its way to Asia. 

(Source: AGV Rheintal, 2013)