Top 10 Rhine Valley – high-tech valley.

The high-tech sector is thriving in the Rhine Valley. The valley between Lake Constance and the Alps is one of the most important high-tech hubs in Europe. The Rhine Valley is known and appreciated as the technology supplier
par excellence.

When it comes to technology, the Rhine Valley is a premier league location. Of 1200 technology locations in Europe, the Rhine Valley is among the top ten. In German-speaking regions, the Rhine Valley even enjoys a place on the podium, making the region between Lake Constance and the Alps one of the three best locations for the high-tech industry.

Because Rhine Valley high-tech and high-quality products are in demand all over the world, the Rhine Valley is the export driver of Eastern Switzerland. For example, more than 80 percent of all precision optics companies in Switzerland are based in the east of the country. Important technology suppliers to the European automotive industry are also based in the Rhine Valley. 

(Source: Institut Contor, 2005)