Good job. Good life.

The Rhine Valley is home to global high-tech producers just as it is to regional businesses. Our successful Rhine Valley companies offer great jobs and opportunities for career development. It is a feature of the Rhine Valley that the region offers people not only the opportunity to make a career for themselves, but also a high quality of life und housing at the same time. The St. Gallen Rhine Valley region has one of the highest proportions of industrial companies in the high-tech sector throughout Switzerland. Sectors such as mechanical engineering, electronics and optics are also strongly represented here – by companies that are often global market leaders. The companies in these sectors, which number over 500, range from small businesses and supply firms to companies with several thousand employees, such as SFS Group and Leica Geosystems AG.


Connecting continents.

Whenever masterpieces of civil engineering are built, the Rhine Valley company Leica Geosystems is always involved. The company, which is based in Heerbrugg, is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. The terrestrial and airborne measuring systems are used in a wide variety of surveying procedures, such as cadastral surveying, 3D building documentation and surveillance, and very often in der building surveys to ensure that buildings are erected in the right place. 

The company is thus also involved when it comes to connecting continents - on the Bosphorus, where an impressive new bridge was recently erected that will soon link Europe and Asia. At a height of 309 metres and a length of almost 2 kilometres, precision work is essential. In this case, satellite-assisted surveying technology and total stations with scanning technology “Made by Leica Geosystems”. So it is high-quality products from the Rhine Valley that ensure the latest link between Asia and Europe - as planned by the engineers - can become reality.